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CrazyWare has been on the gamer's road for 3 straight years, and is expanding with new games,
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Since 2009, I've been creating many types of fun things, and I was so excited and so hopeful that I started CrazyWare (formerly Arcade-kids) in 2010! Now, at the time I wasn't really successful. My two former games--John's Quest and Girl Power--were unloved, disliked, and not popular. This website, as well as the blog, and Facebook page, didn't exist until the year after CW was started. In fact, I was actually using my Facebook profile (no, not Page!) as my primary website--it was a little awkward. Then 2011 rolled by, which was also when things finally started to improve. With the release of Solar Conflict and it's sequel, Solar Conflict 2: The Next Generation, PLUS the launch of the official website, blog and FB page, CrazyWare (or Arcade-kids) became known to most of the world. Of course, the major hurdles and issues were still going on during that time, but I still kept improving.

2012, the year the world would end, was also another awesome year. I made three mods--Flooded Liberty City, the Diego Vega Skin, and Las Vegas Police car. I've also improved Solar Conflict, and the website. Of course, we're still here, so if you all thought CrazyWare would be gone, think again. Also, the brand was still called Arcade-kids, until next year came. During 2012 I've came up with lots of new ideas for new games, such as ideas for a factory game, another for a new platform game, adventure game, and racing game. Two of these ideas started to come to life, the factory game being Factory Troubles, and the adventure game School Escape. Unfortunately, Factory Troubles never saw the light of day as it was cancelled, due to technical issues. School Escape was also cancelled for the same reason. This game would feature Julie Henderson. Finally, by the time 2013 hit, Arcade-kids had lots of major improvements. One was the final name change to CrazyWare, the second being the re-naming and redesigning of the main site as well as the other three minor sites. Development for a new game, Lemonade Rush, began in the beginning of the year, and is still being developed. There is also a new bubble shooting game being made by me as well! The New Jones world for The Sims 3 is also still in progress of being made.