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Solar Conflict
Somewhere in the Solar system, evil alien invaders want to destroy Earth and inhabit the other planets, including your planet, Mars! They seek revenge against human beings and therefore want them annihilated. It's in your fierce hands to save the solar system before it's too late.

It is 2013, and the Alien Intelligence Corporation of Mars have been launching their most successful space probe: Russel 51, designed to take images, scans, and calculations and send the information back to Mars. However, they have found shocking evidence...there are dozens of meteorites, comets, and some strange unknown 'things' heading straight for Mars. We've also detected some unknown spacecraft in the Oort Cloud. We believe that this is an alien response of some sort and that they are trying to destroy and inhabit the solar system! We have sent you on a mission to destroy the aliens and find out what is going on. Good luck and godspeed!

Go on an epic adventure as you blast through over more than 140 levels, shooting cartoon or retro invaders, collecting power-ups, new weapons, and more.
In the secret underground world known as Sector 7, the evil PackMonster had devised a plan to steal the world's colors. He wanted to cause mayhem, and created these dark, evil creatures using his magical powers. Evil has also sprung from his creations. The nasty creatures did what he wanted them to do: steal the 4 Color Orbs to make the world look as if it were in an old, classic film.

Ben and his friends did not anticipate PacMonster's actions at all. They then teamed up to help restore (and hopefully save) their planet, Mabeus, which is in a galaxy in an imaginary universe.

-Abilities to change player's color after that color's unlocked
-Get tips or help from either the "?" buttons or Ben's friends
-Choose any character you want to play as!
-Socialize and chat with your friends through Facebook, or upload your gameplay
videos to YouTube (this feature will be integrated in all the games)
No Color
-Up to more than 140 levels!
-Non-stop arcade action!
-Facebook/YouTube integrations​​​
-Many special bonuses and goodies
-And more!​​
World Trade Center
These creative, styled models are the WTC buildings. I've only
made three. This set includes:

-Old 1 World Trade Center (also can call it 2 WTC if it's spire is taken off)

-New 1 World Trade Center--realistic glass and spire​​​​​

Hope you enjoy! Second time making models with Sketchup--pretty good at it to say the least!!​​
Each building is really detailed--it may look slightly different, but
I'll upgrade this later. The spire on the right is realistic--just needs
some more tweaking!​​ 
Diego Vega Skin
Diego takes a trip to Liberty City...to start a life of crime, of course. This bad guy's got some of that Mexican mentality--you can see it in his face. Another mod by CrazyWare, install this with the GTA 3 Xbox Mod. (It works ONLY with the mod, you can't use it in your copy without it.) 

-Cool-looking sky blue glasses
-Green jacket
-Pink/purple pants (with pockets)
-White, detailed shoes
-HD hands with individual fingers

Compatible with:
-Most/many mods (including the GTA III HD mod--though not confirmed)
-Grand Theft Auto III​​​​​​​​​​​
Flooded Liberty City
Oh no! Liberty's been FLOODED! Quick, send in the emergency services out! Call out the rescue squad--this is an emergency!!

Well, looks like it's time to go swimming then. It gets even better by committing crimes while having fun in the sun! Now see what it's like for the city to be partly underwater. 

-Flooded tunnels and subway stations
-Some roads are flooded
-Ability to swim in the flood waters (GTA: SALC or United only)​​​​​​
-You can also sail on the flood waters...that is, if you're lucky!
-Pedestrians can be killed, and vehicles can be ruined
-Massive and dangerous waves (great for thunderstorms!!)
Las Vegas Police Car
Cruise along the streets of Las Venturas, San Andreas in this interestingly superb cop car. Presenting the
'all-Old' 2003 Ford Crown Victoria police car with standard seats, a decent dispatch radio, and well, you know...the regular stuff.

-Red, white, and blue 'V'-shaped lightbar
- Nevada state emblem with "City of Las Vegas" to the side of it, and then the word "Police" in big letters
-Yellow and orange stripes going through the sides
-​​Distinctive unit number
-Neighborhood Watch symbol on the end, beside the back door window, just above the word 'Nevada'
-Signature 'Ford' logo on either end​​​

Model by ​​Schaffet, Texture by me, Arcade-kids
The City
 An old project made about one or two years ago, The City is an open world project. You can only drive around the city and admire the city's skyline.

There are some unfinished buildings, unnecessarily large road lines, messed up shadows, and unrealistic physics. These may
be fixed, depends.

-A freeway, stadium, seaport, and few more types of places​​​​​​​
-Sleek, shiny car for you to drive
-Endless ocean
-Stormy sky

Upcoming or TBA Improvements/fixes:
-Traffic AI
-​​​​​​​​Car will have either 3D Rad wheels or custom ones
-fixed buildings
-improved freeway
-improved shadows​​​
To the right is the magnificent skyline, nighttime sky with storm clouds, the city itself as a large island surrounded by an endless
sea of water.​ The moon glows peacefully in the sky, adding to the storm clouds.

There is actually some traffic A.I., but only for the boats. Their movement however is a little distorted, that needs to be fixed.

Adding weather would make it more realistic, as I do plan on doing that, actually. How, I'm not sure, but maybe use some sort of effect? The project is opensource, like my other projects, so feel free to improve it!​​​​
The World
The World lets you drive an energy-efficient, gas-proof Hybrid around a small area. It has a steep road ramp, complete with decorative (not functional) traffic lights, and, for GTA fans, police chases. That's right. You're being pursued by cops.

-​A small city-like area with a few roads
-Police chases (awesome!)
-Traffic A.I (this is slightly better than The City's A.I)
-Non-functional, but decorative traffic lights
-Various types of land (rocks, grassy area, slopes, etc.)
-Has sound--I believe The City project did not have any sound
-Custom skybox​​​​

Outer Space Fun
Fly around the solar system in a triangular spaceship. Explore the 8 (or wait...is it 9 planets?) of the solar system. It's one of the first projects I've made, so it's not as fancy-looking as the others.

-Triangular spaceship with glowing exhaust
-The sun and planets
-Music (and one piece of sound)​​
Evil Doom
Immerse yourself in this scary, blood-curdling FPS filled with monsters and weird...things. You are Jack Duke, a mad ghost exterminator who seeks revenge on these Halloween monsters. They killed and possessed his family, as well as everyone in Colorado. Now, he has been sent by the Local Federation of Ghost Busters to end this terrible nightmare.

​-Over 25 levels of scary, crazy action!
-4 different weapons
-Various types of monsters and ghosts
-Destructible objects​​​

SO...what are YOU waiting for? The creepy things are just down in your basement. If you do nothing, they'll kill and possess​​ you!!
Wreck-It Ralph Player (Icy Tower)
Surprise! Guess who's in the game? That's right my friends, it's Ralph, from the hit movie Wreck-It Ralph. He's been game-jumping, and picked the right game for his adventures--Icy Tower. Full of crazy tricks and awesome addictiveness, jumping and spinning in the air to land on platforms is far more better than getting thrown off the roof!

This mod also has the featured song "When Can I See You Again?", which was in the movie's ending credits. Wow! But here's more:

-Eye Candy (special effect to add some WOW to a character)
-Ralph says something every time he does a trick, is gonna die, a new game starts, or if the gamer disappointingly is about to quit​​​​​​​
-The character can be edited, just like any other one

CrazyWare Model Collection
Behold, my oldest and well-made models! My very first ones, actually. The collection has trains, railroad tracks, Minecraft-based people, electronic billboards, and more!

All the models in this pack, including the above World Trade Center are free to use in your games, movies or any other creation--so as long as you give credit of course. I know, that's been said a billion times already, but your computer will EXPLODE and Skynet will be all over your house!​​

Solar Conflict 2: The Next Generation
It has been seven years since the first invasion, and not a word has been heard about the aliens' plans or existence ever since Alieno had defeated them. 

In the first invasion, the alien invaders inhabited and tried to take over every place in our Solar system, ​​while carrying out futile attempts to kill our trusted Martian space hero, Alieno.
​Then, they deliberately attempted to crash the Chunko Space Rock into Earth, while the S.S Deathbot tried to fry the Earth with a gigantic laser beam. It was terrible.

But n​​​​ow, the invaders have a new and even dangerous plan, which now involves destroying whole galaxies to pieces, messing with the fabric of time and space, and unleashing the universe's powerful forces nobody has ever known.

-Over more than 200 levels of intense space action!
-Up to 2 players!
-Win medals and special achievements
-Super cool bonuses and tricks​​​​​​