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            Lemonade Rush
            New Jones
The school needs your help to pull everyone
out of a money crisis. Julie's solution now is serving fresh lemonade.​ Can you do it while dealing with thieves, rivals, and improving the city? Yep, there's over 30+ levels of excitement. ​

Release Date:Development Resumed!
                         Coming Soon!​
An upcoming world for The Sims 3, this stunningly active and colorful city has many features, so the possibilities are endless. Containing bars, restaurants, beaches, hotels, festive streets and more, this is the perfect world mod for any die-hard Sims fan. 

Compared to Sunset Valley, which admittedly is the most boring world EA's ever made, this is a city of excitement. There's more activity going on so it doesn't feel "like a ghost town".​​

Release Date: On Hiatus!
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